Working in the garden helps me learn about where food comes from and motivates me to try vegetables! 

Caring for plants as they grow and observing the changes encourages my curiosity in the environment and the world around me.

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Playing outside is very beneficial to children. 

It promotes social skills when playing games, increases attention span, provides a natural source of vitamin D and allows children to get creative and messy without having to worry about the clean-up

Block play provides a foundation for learning! 

Building with blocks your child develops problem solving and basic math/science concepts. Children learn concepts such as cause and effect, quantity, classification and order. The Block Book (Hirsch 1996) supports these claims, adding that 'children expand architectural learning through block play.

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It's a Child's World early learning program believes that every child deserves to be happy, healthy and know how special they are in this world.

Exposure to foods made from scratch will help children develop a taste for fresh foods, and children are much more likely to eat what they’ve cooked themselves! 

Children also learn and develop a number of skills while cooking and following a recipe:  language skills, counting, fractions, sequencing, measuring, problem-solving, sharing, fine motor skills and even learning about other cultures and how they eat.

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We believe children learn through movement and with the support of nurturing adults. Every day at It’s a Child’s World exciting activities are offered allowing children to develop and learn.  A child’s natural curiosity allows them to be young scientists, exploring their environment both indoors and outdoors.