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Our Mission Is Simple

Quality early education and care stems from understanding that children are part of their own world. While exploring their environment they are innocent and free of the worries and cares of the adult world. An adult looks at a dandelion as a weed, and how those seeds need to be suppressed to preserve a green lawn. A child looks at that same plant and sees a flower, and as those seeds are blown through the air wishes are made. It’s a Child’s World focuses on seeing the world through the eyes of a child and finding joy in a simple weed.

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It’s a Child’s World LLC. Partners with early childhood programs throughout the country supporting teachers learning through interactive and engaging training sessions. 

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Lindsey Foss 
Program Director

Julie Salois - Tourville


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It’s a Child’s World LLC was founded in 2013, focusing on early childhood education consultation and professional development. It was founded by owner Julie Salois-Tourville stemming from her passion for high quality early education and care. It has since grown, allowing the opening of an early education and care program. The program was purposely designed to support a multi aged community. 

Our Mission

It's a Child's World early learning program believes that every child deserves to be happy, healthy and know how special they are in this world.